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Agronomist – Korba

Organization Details

Organization Name: Drishtee

Organization Description: Drishtee is a social organization working for rural communities of over 6000 villages in various states in India, with a strong presence in Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. We also have our presence in parts of Rajasthan, West Bengal, Orissa, M.P., Maharashtra, Haryana, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and some other North Eastern states. Drishtee aims to develop and nurture more than 500,000 sustainable rural livelihoods in next 5 years, in partnership with local communities and external stakeholders. This entails the role of a catalyst for community building and an in depth understanding of rural life and businesses for forging partnerships.

Progress and development of villages is possible only when families realize and accept the need for coming together as a community for fulfilling their basic common needs. It is important that they realize that their economic unsustainability may have external influence but the core of the solution lies in their aggregation. Drishtee is betting on the willingness of rural families to invest, sacrifice and contribute towards this common cause. Once the village embarks on the path of organizing themselves, the focus is on identifying their skill and resource gaps which needs outside support. There are capacity building needs, capital needs and above all requirement of channel support for accessing markets. Drishtee takes these needs to stakeholders such as local government, civil society organizations and CSR of large corporations seeking partnerships on behalf of these community organizations.

Vision: Drishtee envisions a world where all communities are empowered to achieve shared prosperity.

Mission: To collaborate with marginalized communities to develop and nurture rural enterprises and support the community eco system.

Organisation Website: http://www.drishtee.org/

City: Noida

State/Province: Uttar Pradesh

Country: India

Job Opportunity Details

Organisation: DF

Department: Project- Sajhi Tokri Unnati Fresh, Korba, Community Connect team

Job Title: Agronomist

Job Function: Project Management/ Production/ Quality Assurance/Supply Chain

Language Requirements: Hindi

Project Description: In English ‘Sajhi’ means shared and ‘Tokri’ means basket.  ‘Sajhi Tokri’ represents a partnership between rural farmers and urban customers.

Food is a commodity that draws the maximum number of transactions on any given day. Even in this basic exchange there lies a huge lack of involvement of all the stakeholders. From the consumer’s side this grows on to take the form of a compulsive need to bargain and to pay as less an amount as possible. On the other side, with the farmer there’s a lack of thoughtfulness in his/her act of applying excessive amounts of chemicals such as pesticides, fertilisers, insecticides and other additional colouring and preserving agents to maximise their profits.

Our research shows that very few people in urban areas have any idea of the agrarian crisis in the country which has been on the rise since past few decades. Decreasing income of farmers has been a cause of concern. A recent report tells that around 1 farmer commits suicide every 40 minutes in India.

Through Sajhi Tokri, we aim to facilitate a connect such that both farmers and customers are empathetic towards each other’s needs.

By focusing on strengthening the relationship between the farmers and the customers our aim is to provide a healthier alternative by providing good quality vegetables (with minimal use of poisonous chemicals) at the customer’s convenience. Also, to provide a sense of security and certainty to farmers by ensuring a fixed income.

Description of Opportunity:

  1. What is the specific job?  – The job is to introduce farmers to better practices and methods in agriculture. Farmers are only aware about, either traditional techniques in agriculture or about the one’s sold to them by sales representative of chemical companies. Due to this, farmers have limited or incorrect information. They are not updated with best practices, techniques and research in the field. An Agronomist job would be to connect the farmers with the knowledge centres like KVKs and help them avail the best possible knowledge about their crop.

  2. What is its goal? – The goal is to increase farmers productivity without increasing the usage of harmful chemicals by them.

  3. What tasks will you want her/him to do? Candidate will be responsible for –

  1. Crop Budgeting & Planning

  2. Regular field checks

  3. Insect weed & disease monitoring and diagnostics

  4. Soil moisture status monitoring and diagnostics

  5. Irrigation scheduling

  6. Agricultural Chemicals, fertilizer and seeds recommendations

  7. Soil sampling

  8. Equipment calibration

  9. Crop rotation planning and hybrid variety selection recommendations

  10. Solicit customers & increase acres and /or opportunities

  11. Precision Agri-services (including GIS / GPS services)

  12. Detailed computerized field reports & permanent record keeping

  13. Provide personal consultation with customers as needed

  14. Other duties as necessary 

    4. Why is this important to your organization? – In order to establish a direct connect between farmer and the customer, it is necessary to make farmer’s grow and understand the customer’s perspective. This way, it will be one of the main points of motivation for the customers.

Desired Skills and Expertise:

Education- Graduate with bachelors degree in agriculture with emphasis on agronomy, crop, soil, weed management, agri business, or other science course work

Candidates having M.Sc. in agriculture specialisation in Horticulture would be preferred

Experience- Applicants with relevant experience in field work with farmer groups will be given preference

Most Important Skills:

  1. Proficient computer skills

  2. Good diagnostic and decision making skills

  3. Proven ability to effectively communicate – verbal and written skills

  4. Demonstrate skills in sales (selling quality service to our farmers)

  5. Ability to work independently and proceed with objectives without close supervision

  6. Desire to serve farmers and others involved in the agriculture.

  7. Willingness to travel in the field.

  8. Desire to remain updates with new agricultural trends and technology

  9. Self-motivated, willingness to learn and good work ethics

Location: On site – Korba

Note: Applicants should have a two-wheeler driver license as the work will involve field work

Type of Position: Contractual

Number of Candidates for the Opportunity: 1

Salary Slab: 15-20 k per month

Opening Date: 30-03-17

Closing Date: 10-04-17

Preferred Date of joining: 1-04-17 (asap)

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