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Accounts Executive

Position Name : Accounts Executive

Organization Name: Drishtee Development & Communication Ltd

Organization Description

Drishtee is a social organization working for rural communities of over 6000 villages in various states in India, with a strong presence in Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. We also have our presence in parts of Rajasthan, West Bengal, Orissa, M.P., Maharashtra, Haryana, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and some other North Eastern states. Drishtee aims to develop and nurture more than 500,000 sustainable rural livelihoods in next 5 years, in partnership with local communities and external stakeholders. This entails the role of a catalyst for community building and an in depth understanding of rural life and businesses for forging partnerships.

Progress and development of villages is possible only when families realize and accept the need for coming together as a community for fulfilling their basic common needs. It is important that they realize that their economic unsustainability may have external influence but the core of the solution lies in their aggregation. Drishtee is betting on the willingness of rural families to invest, sacrifice and contribute towards this common cause. Once the village embarks on the path of organizing themselves, the focus is on identifying their skill and resource gaps which needs outside support. There are capacity building needs, capital needs and above all requirement of channel support for accessing markets. Drishtee takes these needs to stakeholders such as local government, civil society organizations and CSR of large corporations seeking partnerships on behalf of these community organizations.

Vision: Drishtee envisions a world where all communities are empowered to achieve shared prosperity.

Mission: To collaborate with marginalized communities to develop and nurture rural enterprises and support the community eco system.

Organization Website: www.drishtee.org

City: Head Office at NOIDA. (Area of operations all over India).

State/Province: Uttar Pradesh.

Department: Accounts

Position Name : Accounts Executive

Reporting Manager (person who the candidate will report to) :  Dhiraj Roy

Hiring Manager(s) (person who will conduct the interview) :  Dhiraj Roy

Number of Candidates for the Position :  2

Closing Date : ASAP

Organization: Drishtee Development & Communication Ltd

Preferred Date of Joining : ASAP

Location: Noida , Sector 62 – HO

Salary Range :  10 to 20k

Type of Position : Accounts Executive

Project/ Job Description :  Accounts / Taxation

Details of Vacancy :

Designation: Accounts Executive

Most Important Skills & Requirement:  All type of Accounts entry and Taxation knowledge.

Desired Qualification Level: B. Com.

Most Relevant Experience: 2 to 3 years.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • All type of Accounts entry and Taxation knowledge.
  • The other most important factors (criteria) that you will consider in candidate’s selection : Should be dedicated towards his work and laborious.


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