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Lead volunteer for Waste management

Organization Details

Organization Name: Drishtee

Organization Description: Drishtee is a social organisation working with rural communities in 6000 villages across India, we have an extensive presence in Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar, with few initiatives in parts of Rajasthan, West Bengal, Orissa, M.P., Maharashtra, Haryana, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and other North Eastern states.

Drishtee aims to develop and nurture 500,000 sustainable rural enterprises in the next 5 years, the partnership is with local communities and in collaboration with other stakeholders. To accomplish the objective of formation of enterprises Drishtee requires to play the role of a facilitator for community building within the villages, this entails a continuous and holistic understanding of rural landscape for sustainable development of enterprises and possibilities of forging partnerships.


Progress and development of villages is possible only when families realize and accept the value (intangible& tangible) of coming together as a community for fulfilling their basic common needs. It is important that they recognise that their economic unsustainability may have external influence but the core of the solution lies in their aggregation.

Drishtee is relying on the willingness of rural families to commit, invest, and contribute towards this common cause of unification and working towards their own empowerment.

When the village embarks on the path of organising themselves, the focus is on identifying their core needs, existing skill set and resource requirements. These would be broadly – capacity needs (training & development, design, management, planning & structuring), capital needs (human capital, financial) and channel needs (marketing, networking, linkages) for accessing global markets.

Drishtee analyses these needs and connects with relevant stakeholders such as local government, civil society organisationsand CSR of large corporations seeking partnership support on behalf of the community organisations.

Sectors Addressed:

Agriculture and allied services Apparel Construction Beauty and Wellness Banking and Finance Tourism and Hospitality Plumbing Handicrafts IT.

Vision: Drishtee envisions a world where all communities are empowered to achieve shared prosperity.

Mission: To facilitate development of rural community organizations and delivery of business services to demonstrate a mode of of sustainable living on the planet.

*Community Organization: An organized & registered collective of groups, where members are open to share resources & responsibilities in order to achieve sustainable common well being.

Website: http://www.drishtee.org

Organisation Address (Head Office) :

Drishtee, BSI Business Park Private Limited, H-15, First Floor- 107/108 Sector 63,Noida- 201307 Telephone: +91-120-4661000

Description of Volunteering Opportunity:

We are proposing to work on waste management processing unit and awareness campaign in area of Dindori Taulka. Currently the pilot program will be focusing in the block town of Dindori and nearby villages.

Propose structure image in Annexure –

Support and Municipal requirements:

We expect the plant will help the Municipal council to handle the disposal of waste in area. Dindori is well known for its beautiful vineyards and expect good footfall of urban customers and visitors. Cleanliness in surrounding is most welcomed.

For this program we expect the mutual partnership and support –
1. Permission letter and notifications to local societies for awareness campaigns and notifications
2. Linkage with current team of waste management.
3. Conducting the skill and capacity development of team to handle the waste at input point
4. Space allocation for the setting up the processing unit. Expected space of about 2000 sqft.

Job Title: Lead volunteer for Waste management at Dindori Block, Nasik

What is the specific Project? Waste management is a critical subject be it in Urban area or rural – increased used of plastic and developing infrastructure and shrinking land space are increasing the risk of waste disposal and its management. Increasing landfill and inappropriate disposal of inorganic waste is leading to many health issues not only to human beings but the Animals and surrounding environment. Many companies are focusing on the recycling process and also its can be good prospective business to earn money from waste. But most these efforts are in cities.

The volunteer would be engaged in turning village waste into a business model through effective management, usage and conversion of the by products into green manure to be utilized by the the local farmers.

Why is this important to your organization? Drishtee believes that there is a business solution for every problem. We specialize in creating micro franchisees in the villages. Given the belief and expertise, Drishtee is attempting to work out the economics for waste in rural areas to explore business potential through recycling and manuring.

Proposed plan –

With the research input the total waste collected on daily basis is around 3 ton consisting of both organic and non-organic including Plastic, Glass and Metal –

Step by Step implementation proposed is –

Awareness and Promotion –

Drishtee with the help of community members organise IEC campaign for waste management specially urban waste to promote values of 3 R s (Recycle, Reuse and Reduce). This will include following sub activity :
▪Wall murals at village common properties like panchayat bhawan, schools walls, etc
▪Awareness session with school children, adolescents and village leader on urban waste, its impact and management
▪Establishment of waste management and monitoring committee in the village
▪Workshops of waste reuse and recycle practices at village level
▪Every month waste management committee will organise cleanness drive in village with community participation

Setting Up Waste Recycling Unit –

For the pilot period of 6 months a small scale unit to process minimum 1 ton of waste. 2 separate machines which will include Bio Digester for Organic compost and One unit for Plastic recycling.

Franchisees will be appointed to manage the processing unit for which are identified as current people working in Waste collection unit can be nominated as prospective franchisee. A detailed business plan and initial support will be provided by Drishtee and will be monitoring the growth plan for further implementation.

The output products which will be Organic compost will be marketed to Local households and Farmers. The output of Plastic will be shredded in granules form and suitable market will be explored.

Further expansion plan, based on pilot learnings and franchisee capacity the plant capacity will be improved or to manage in cost effective way, small spoke processing centres will be established in different points of waste collection, which will support more spoke franchisees, and processed bi-products will be collected and marketed through the hub point.

What is the goal? The goal is to research the entire waste management process. Develop and implement a franchisee based business model for both to and fro of waste movement.

What tasks will you want the volunteer to do?
• Understand the project
• Study the existing flow of waste in the rural network.
• Design value offering which can create efficiency within the system
• Develop a complete business plan for the above service
• All documentation required for successful roll out of the plan

Location: Dindori block (near Nasik)

Duration & Time: Full Time for 3 – 6 months

Desired Skills & Expertise:

Language Requirements: English

Education Requirements: Engineering/MBA (marketing)

Experience: Total experience minimum 6-7 years of which at least 2-3 years in marketing space.

Competencies: Check your fit;
• Enthusiastic about setting up a rural based service enterprise models.
• Passionate about bringing livelihood support to the grassroots.
• Open to working and living in a safe village environment with humble urban amenities
• You are efficient with use of basic computing and internet tools. Good to have design skills.
• You enjoy interacting with people and have a knack of assessing their interest and needs
• You have basic research skills and high business planning skills

Interests: Enterprise development

Housing & Meals: Food and accommodation will be provided.

Certificate: Applicable upon successful completion of your tenure.

Laptop: Organised by the volunteer.

Mobile reimbursement: Applicable as per organization’s policy.

Traveling allowance: Only local expenses are covered by Drishtee

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