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CEO (Financial Inclusion), Drishtee

Job Description for CEO (Financial Inclusion), Drishtee 

About Drishtee

Drishtee is a social enterprise registered in India. Drishtee enables the community access to critical services and products, market linkages or channel support, Capital as well as Capacity Building support to the rural micro-entrepreneurs as well as community at large. 

About Drishtee Financial Inclusion

To address the financial access service gap in rural India, Drishtee became business correspondent of State Bank of India (Largest Bank in India) in 2007 and later partnered with bank of Baroda. Drishtee has a network of more than 2500 customer service points in rural India. Through these centers Drishtee has been able to provide banking services to the unbanked population in rural India. Currently more than 3 million active customers who do banking transaction through these centers. Over the past 11 years, Drishtee has developed a deep understanding of rural financial inclusion space. Drishtee started adding new financial services through the network including insurance and money transfer. 

Job Description

  1. Sustainability and Growth
  • Manage P&L of Drishtee’s Financial Inclusion business
  • Develop and implement geography expansion and deeper community penetration strategy
  • Portfolio expansion
  • Alignment of Financial Inclusion business with Drishtee’s vision 
  • Product design and development relevant to rural India. 
  • Building and Managing Partnership with banks, Insurance companies and  other financial institutions. 
  • Managing relationship with technology providers and other FI ecosystem service provider
  1. Monitoring
  • Regular monitoring of the strategic plan
  • Providing management report to the board
  • Monitoring the P&L 
  1. Training and Development
  • Assessment and training the team 
  1.  Investor Management
  • Managing board meeting
  • Sending regular updates to investors
  • Seeking new investment based on the business plan 
  1. Statutory and legal compliance management
  • Ensuring all statutory and legal compliances
  • Take care of any dispute including statutory and legal dispute.

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