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Marketing Head for Textile business of DRISHTEE

Job Description for Marketing Head for  Textile business of DRISHTEE

Drishtee Background:

Drishtee is a rural platform for developing overall self reliance of communities. Villages in India are facing a basic sustainability challenge, forcing migration of members of families to cities in search of livelihood.  Drishtee encourages members, within these communities, to initiate livelihood generating activities in the form of micro enterprises. The enterprises produce, process and package food, textile and housing products within their villages. Drishtee goes on to provide an end to end support in the form of capacity building, credit linkage and market access, by leveraging partnerships. Working for the last 20 years, it has helped develop nearly 10,000 jobs in the villages. The reach spans out to more than 6000 villages across north and north-east India. It has challenged itself to generate another 60,000 rural livelihoods by 2021 through efficient utilization of available resources in villages.

HR Principle:

  1. We trust each other – Absolute and unflinching trust amongst each member is expected.
  2. Drishtee forms a community of dedicated workforce on the lines of its vision – ‘A world where communities are empowered to achieve shared prosperity’
  3. Drishtee would create leaders and doers who believe that they can make this world a better place.
  4. Self development would be the key for organisation growth.
  5. Drishtee hires, grows and retains the best talent available in the world.

Date Of Request:     27 Apr 19

a. Department : Textile
b. Position Name: Marketing Head for Textile business
c. Reporting Manager (person who the candidate will report to): Satyan Mishra
d. Hiring Manager/s(person who will conduct the interview): Satyan Mishra/ As decided by Management
e. Number of Candidates for the Position: 1
f. Closing Date :

Organization: DDCL

Prefered Date of Joining: As early as possible

Location: No restriction. He will be responsible for Procurement Marketing and Sales of complete textile Business of DRISHTEE

Salary Range: Flexible based on interview and previous salary record. Employment will be based on a rider of evaluation of performance in period of 6 months from date of joining.

Type of Position: Full time , Part Time, Contract etc: Full Time

Project Description :

  • To lead complete Marketing activity of Textiles
  • Generate market intelligence to decide what to produce
  • Develop channel/distributor for Textile productions of DRISHTEE
  • To make the business sustainable.
  • Ensure sale volume of Textile products to generate desired number of livelihood as per DRISHTEE plans

Details of Vacancy:

a) Designation: Marketing Head for Textile Business.

b) Most Important Skills : Development, management and service of channel in the market any where in India depending on the volume of production

c) Desired Qualification Level : Graduation, MBA in marketing and sales

d) Most Relevant Experience : Experience in the field of sales and Marketing mainly in developing channel. Marketing Experience in the field of Textile Apparels will be preferred

e) Main Duties and Responsibilities: To analyse and understand market requirement, guide production unit to produce required material and ensure sale of product through Channel.

f) The other most important factors (criteria) that you will consider in candidate selection:
-Experience in making Channel
– Dynamic

g) Justification of Recruitment: It is easy to enhance livelihood of rural women through tailoring. In Textile business We have started our activities at different locations. A team lead for development of channel for Textile marketing will remove the bottle neck in training and production activity.

h) Urgency of Requirement: (Very urgent , Urgent , Normal ) : Very Urgent

Name & Signature of HOD (Mandatory): Satyan Mishra/ IB Thakur

Send Resume to: HR@Drishtee.in

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