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Drishtee needs large hearted good people to contribute consistently without expecting traditional emolument practices. Working for Drishtee should be synonymous to ‘Sewa’ done for the community. We need to take care of all those who work with us in a manner that they feel comfortable, secure, fulfilled and extremely happy.

People who come to us should view us like them. Drishtee should be like a large Global village with small communities existing in each block, district, state and wherever there is a direct presence of Drishtee. However, in the villages Drishtee should work towards helping people come together and build their own communities.

We need one volunteer team for each village that we work with. The work should be considered as a part of long term immersion. It would be a one year volunteering which should include fulfillment of following tasks:

  1. Complete mapping of challenges, resources and opportunities of each of these villages.
  2. Develop a location for long term immersion plan to continue
  3. Build leadership within the village on the lines of Samaj Shilpi
  4. Initiate the implementation of the Block model
  5. Spread awareness on the lines of “community living – sustainable living”
1 Program development of “Drishtee Fellowship Program“ Program conceptualisation and Development Post graduation in any field Full time 3-6 months Semi Virtual/ Virtual VIEW DETAIL

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