‘One Village, One Family, One Community Organization’

It all starts with “together we can” and with a slight nudge from Drishtee we see volunteer interest groups of villagers, organizing themselves into registered collectives namely, Community Organizations.

Together they commit to work continually towards improving the quality of life through the collective involvement of local community members. They aspire to stand up with self-respect and take charge of their development. All they need are hands that help them come on their feet, deal with them as partners and leave them as friends.

Drishtee with its presence in nearly 6000 villages, across 17 states is now on a mission to facilitate forming & incubation of these budding Community Organizations for a few years till they attain a stage of empowerment where they are;

  • Not  forced to migrate for work,
  • Not deprived of their best produce due to lack of local market
  • Not perceived as seekers by the urban population

Taking one step at a time they are coming up on their feet, we welcome you to come forward as friends in support of their journey to sustainable development.

“Badgi cha Wagh” Community organization Sonoshi Village