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MIRI Volunteering and MIRI Hub

MIRI Volunteer, (Made in Rural India) Connects beyond boundaries
A relationship between Rural and Urban Communities for Sustainable Living

Made In Rural India (MIRI) – a relationship
Connect: people to one another and weave new networks of care and share together
Understand: the people, perceptions, philosophies, aspirations and networks in an area
Involve: as co-creators of the solutions and capacity builders

Do you have it in you to be one?

What type are you?

Donate: Want to make a contribution by donating money for various development projects
Ambassador of Sustainable Production: Each product has a story, the place where it was created, what led to its creation, what goes into its creation and what results once it is created. You want to be a part of that story and believe in sustainable production.
Co-creator of Products and Solutions: Conceptualize, support and build products and solutions with the community and its groups because you have the expertise to do it
Champion of Empathy: Become a part of the life of the community, understand their perceptions, mindset, and aspirations and help them connect to individuals or organizations who can help solve their need based problems


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