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Drishtee Background:

Drishtee is a rural platform for developing overall self reliance of communities. Villages in India are facing a basic sustainability challenge, forcing migration of members of families to cities in search of livelihood.  Drishtee encourages members, within these communities, to initiate livelihood generating activities in the form of micro enterprises. The enterprises produce, process and package food, textile and housing products within their villages. Drishtee goes on to provide an end to end support in the form of capacity building, credit linkage and market access, by leveraging partnerships. Working for the last 20 years, it has helped develop nearly 10,000 jobs in the villages. The reach spans out to more than 6000 villages across north and north-east India. It has challenged itself to generate another 60,000 rural livelihoods by 2021 through efficient utilization of available resources in villages.

HR Principle:

  1. We trust each other – Absolute and unflinching trust amongst each member is expected.
  2. Drishtee forms a community of dedicated workforce on the lines of its vision – ‘A world where communities are empowered to achieve shared prosperity’
  3. Drishtee would create leaders and doers who believe that they can make this world a better place.
  4. Self development would be the key for organisation growth.
  5. Drishtee hires, grows and retains the best talent available in the world.

Drishtee Recruitment Strategy

Drishtee is building a team for the future. We need large hearted, socially sensitive people to contribute consistently. Working for Drishtee should be synonymous to ‘Sewa’ done for the community. While the Team Drishtee takes care of the communities that they work for, the organisation takes care of its team in a manner that they feel comfortable, secure, fulfilled and extremely happy. The recruitment strategy is to induct aligned work-force from India or abroad. People joining Drishtee would learn about 1. Rural India  2. Drishtee’s vision, development strategy etc and finally about 3. Their own role in it (Job Profile).

Management Grades and Skill requirements:

We need people at various levels of skills and experiences and therefore would be selecting team members from various backgrounds- social, corporate or social enterprise, depending on the profiles we are hiring for.

The positions for which we would recruit centrally would be for the following cadres:

1.Gram Sahyogi – Rs 15,000 or Minimum wage (M1 and M2 cadre – unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled)-  Selection decision is normally of the local team and recruitment is based on generic job profiles such as mobilizers, delivery executives and cluster managers (M2) – these positions are for freshers. We give special preference to students (especially women) from villages or sons of farmers.

2. Lok Sheel – Rs. 25,000 (M3 cadre) This is the Junior Management Cadre for positions such as such as Micro Project Managers, District Coordinators, Asst Controllers etc. These are people who are freshers from recognized universities (India or abroad). We should welcome the spirit of volunteering within this segment and recruit through campus etc. volume recruitment happens from within this cadre.

3. Udyog Sheel – Rs. 35,000 (M4 cadre) for positions at Zonal level such as controllers, Project Managers etc. This is the Middle Management cadre. These are people who have 4-6 years of experience in either corporate sector or social sector. They should be motivated to join Drishtee for its holistic approach and community connect.

A bright young graduate or a post graduate with minimum 3 years of experience in a reputed corporate or a social organisation. He should have a minimum stint of 2 years in any specific position.

(S)He should have a deep appetite for learning and contributing within a community. The person should be a positive individual willing to solve problems. Drishtee would also expect the person to be the owner of his or her assigned responsibility. (S)he should be a self starter and a go getter.

4. Prabandh Sheel – Rs. 50,000 (M5 and above cadre) for leadership positions as AVPs, Macro Project managers, Product heads etc. These are people with around 10 years of experience. This is the Senior Management cadre.

Very well qualified person with around 10 years or more of experience in the corporate space. There should be a proven track record of innovation in work profile, approach, failures and successes. There should be complete buy in for the vision, values and mission of Drishtee.

The individual should have a great deal of resilience and high degree of empathy. (S)he should be willing to devote the rest of his/her life for community building and rural development. The person should demonstrate mentoring qualities and should take up training and development of co-workers. There should be openness to new ideas and innovative approach.

Open positions and Job Profile for Top Management of Drishtee for all businesses



Position Code # Position Name Management Grade Location Overall Responsibility KRAs Person Incharge

HOVBC01 (Open for Expats)

Apply to: hr@drishtee.in

BC CEO Prabandhsheel Varanasi Overall Ownership of the BC Business- Profitability, Risk management Impact and sustainability 1. Maintaining the growth % of Business top line and Margins.
2. Ensuring risk management and growing relationship.
3. Ensuring a seamless integration with the community and the Swavalamban program
Reporting to Board

HOVPD01 (Open for Expats)

Apply to: hr@drishtee.in

Lead – Product Development Prabandhsheel Varanasi Develop, design demonstrate and monitor production of various products which can be produced in the villages through MEGs. 1. Monitor the supply, demand and usage of the products for consumer experience and enhancement.
2. Lead a team of textile designers to develop fabric and apparels.
3. Made to order product supply chain management.
4. Hand crafted household products such as Carpentry, Utensils, toys, gifts, stationery would be also produced through the product team.
Reporting to Board

HOVSCM01 (Open for Expats)

Apply to: hr@drishtee.in

Lead Channel marketing and Distribution Prabandhsheel Varanasi Supply Chain lead would be responsible for building a Pan India distribution system which would be partner driven and IT based. 1.Develop partnerships for ensuring efficiency and cost minimization in collection and distribution of rural products.
2. Design and develop supply chain’s IT backbone.
3. Offer Drishtee’s Supply Chain to Government, Non Government and Corporate entities.
Reporting to Board

HOVFO001 (Open for Expats)

Apply to: hr@drishtee.in

CEO Swavalamban Prabandhsheel Varanasi Leading a team of local block partners to achieve Swavalamaban (self reliance) for the rural communities in their respective catchment. From skill building, production, processing to market access would be within the scope of this responsibility. 1. Building local livelihood partnerships in the sectors of Food, Textile and Housing with Government, Non Government and Corporate entities
2. Mentoring and supporting other Block team members such as – Sales, Training, Production etc
3. Reporting and Communication with Local and Central Swavalamban leadership team.
Reporting to Board

HOVMM001 (Open for Expats)

Apply to: hr@drishtee.in

Lead Marketing and Communication for MIRI Brand Prabandhsheel Varanasi Build MIRI as a prosumer brand and a household name for locally sourced, quality products. Develop innovative communication plan which changes the paradigm of marketing globally. 1. Supporting sale function to ensure that there is penetration and consistency of sales.
2. Ensuring that MIRI is not just a product brand but an ideology which has relevance across the globe.
3. Growing the brand to include partners and champions who can lead and build the platform.
Reporting to Board

HOVIT001 (Open for Expats)

Apply to: hr@drishtee.in

Lead IT and data management Prabandhsheel Varanasi Develop an efficient platform for seamless transaction, communication and monitoring of Drishtee business. 1. Lead a team of third party developers for development, improvement and maintenance of software platform and mobile apps.
2. Data management and presentation in forms of reports for multiple stakeholders including the partners.
3. Gather and process feedback to ensure continuous value addition to the IT applications.
Reporting to Board

Head office:

Drishtee, BSI Business Park Private Limited, H-15,First Floor – 107/108, Sector – 63, Noida- 201307 (U.P.) A part of Delhi NCR

Head office Phone: +91-120-4661000

email: info@drishtee.in

Website: www.drishtee.org

How to apply:

By sending CV and application to hr@drishtee.in

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