We Drishtee, are working in around 6000+ villages of India identifying and building economic activities which foster community formation through inter-dependence. Our clients are individual farmers, women and youth in villages and middle income families in cities. We help develop rural and urban linkage through a value chain approach in the field of banking, consumer goods as the last mile and textile and farm products as the first mile.

With our initiative to create a rural marketplace to provide the platform to reach out to consumers and channel partners. We would love to be associated with you in terms of providing a helping hand and support by offering market linkage scope through our platform and other establishments.

We would like to support you by:

  • Highlighting your products on our MIRI marketplace platform and creating demand for the same.

  • Connecting with products/offering from villages to the Urban Marketplace by channelizing them on our existing Retail network.

  • Creating new offline channels to market the products

  • Help you get market feedback from the right customer base to improve any product

Lets together create scope and opportunities which the Rural products deserve.

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