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Rural Immersion: Samaahit


Brief note: Samaahit means to include, to integrate, to incorporate. Drishtee’s ground-breaking program to assist corporate teams in developing unique human insights into the ever changing needs of India’s burgeoning rural markets. It is an engaging way of not only understanding but also nurturing the relationship with the rural communities as partners in long-term sustainable growth.

Continued detailed information (300 words) ( covering  the problem , approach , impact created , and vision for future)

800 Million Indians living outside of urban centres are rapidly developing economically, as they overcome unique social, cultural and environmental challenges.  While this represents a huge, mostly under utilized market opportunity, it also represents a staggeringly complex problem. How might we best develop products and services that meet the real needs of real people?

Drishtee has been working in rural India for almost two decades. This experience has shown us the importance of collaboration and experience sharing with rural communities. Traditional top-down approaches to economic and social development have failed time and time again to solve the many problems and needs of these communities. Drishtee Samaahit Immersion is fundamentally changing the paradigm of how organizations go about developing products, services, and policies for disparate communities across India. We do this with three distinct experience options:


Let’s face it, understanding the emotions and perspectives of others is difficult. Many barriers exist, both physical and psychological. The more different we are from those we seek to understand (i.e. education, culture, lived experience, and so on) the greater the challenge. That’s why Drishtee Samaahit Immersion has been developed using the latest thought leadership to unlock new perspectives. Our immersion experience has been built on expert knowledge of cognitive neuroscience of empathy – how do we accurately understand new surroundings, new situations, and new people. This is furthered by theories of social psychology, anthropology, and sociology. We make use of ethnographic methods that enrich service design and design thinking innovation practices. All of this provides the ideal foundation for human-centred innovation.

Samaahit Immersion enables the corporate and implementing agencies to:

  • Get emerging and rural markets right.
  • Get the association bring up sustainable approaches and models
  • Get the employee sensitization, engagement and retention
  • Grow a deep relationship for involving sustainable CSR

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