My Journey within

By: Satyan Mishra   Post his trip to Mansarovar, this writer finds himself on another, shorter but enlightening voyage. By Satyan Mishra, Spiritual Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship is a lot about the male ego characteristic in us despite our sexuality. The sheer will to move forward and the strength needed to …

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How the Physical Challenge of Visiting Kailash Manasarovar Turned into a Spiritual Awakening

By: Satyan Mishra It was a normal pre-dawn listless ride to the Delhi Airport. While the vehicle cruised, I was stuck in my thoughts. I had a proposed investment meeting in Mumbai and the deal seemed to be necessary for our project. I was confident and in control of …

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“We were too smitten by our tech to see its cracks”

By: Satyan Mishra Our big ideas and business models often fail because we aren’t really listening to communities; nor are we involving them in co-creating solutions. By Satyan Mishra 6 Min Read Today, increasingly, we see young scientists-turned-social entrepreneurs, many of whom are busy inventing what they believe the …

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Raksha Bandhan

Story by: Elisabeth Fong On the 4th of August, the entire Sanjhi Tokri team headed to the Pilakhanwali village for our Raksha Bandhan celebrations. Earlier on that week, we asked our customers to leave an extra Rakhi in their baskets for collection, so that we could tie those Rakhis on their …

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Immersion Stories: Utkarsh Somaiya

Immersion: breaking down assumptions, realising your own biases and forming raw, empathic connections. When I applied for the program, I knew the three weeks would be challenging and I fully expected to be taken out of my comfort zone…. Read about Utkarh’s Immersion experience:

Immersion Stories: Catherine Walsh

My time in India was an unbelievable experience, we were meet at Delhi airport by two of the most incredible people who were there to guide us through India. Nothing can compare to first time you drive through Delhi traffic, what an experience…. Read about Catherine’s Immersion experience: