Entrepreneur – Istiyak Khan

CEEP Success Story – Entrepreneur + Student


Istiyak Khan

Istiyak Khan is an outstanding, 25-year-old entrepreneur from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, who has joined the Drishtee network 3 years ago. Since 2013, he has trained over 2,600 students in his kiosk!

Before opening his own CEEP kiosk, Istiyak worked at a Tally academy as an instructor. He holds M.Com., MBA and LLB, PGDCA and ICA degrees.

What motivated Istiyak to become a CEEP entrepreneur?

A friend of his who was already successfully working at Drishtee CEEP suggested him to join the programme by opening up his own kiosk. Istiyak was motivated to join, since CEEP keeps all
students’ records accessible online and offers NSDC and BSI certification. Additionally, he thinks that
CEEP offers good services and a great support system for entrepreneurs.

What is most rewarding about being a CEEP entrepreneur for Istiyak?

Istiyak is proud to have prepared a huge population in his community for the job market, especially
for the field of accounting. For him, it is most rewarding to see the students being satisfied with their
learnings and achievements.

What is CEEP for Istiyak in one, short sentence?

Fire of Computer Education!

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