Student – Nitin Rerma and Azmal Khan

CEEP Success Story – Entrepreneur + Student


Nitin and Azmal

Nitin and Azmal are two successful CEEP students, aged 24 and 25, from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Both have studied Commerce before: Nitin holds B.Com and M.Com degrees, Azmal holds a degree.

What is Nitin’s and Azmal’s background?

Nitin and Azmal come from middle class families in the Sultanpur area. Both have worked as accountants before and really enjoy using the computer for accountancy.

What are their dreams?

Nitin and Azmal dream of working as successful accountants. Nitin wants to become an account manager; Azmal would like to work as a chartered accountant. They have chosen to enroll in CEEP’s Diploma in Computer Application and Accountancy (DCAA) programme in order to get closer to their dreams.

What is their best memory about the CEEP course?

CEEP has provided them with different technical course options and support for opening up an own institution. It has helped them to keep their faith in the certification authorizations.

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