Success Story – Student : Mrs. Rup Jyoti Bonah

Name: Mrs. Rup Jyoti Bonah

Age: 29

CEEP kiosk location: North Lakhimpur, Assam

Tell us about yourself (Tell us about your family, educational background / job): I am undergoing a DCGP course at CEEP, Drishtee. I passed higher secondary in Buha Buhl secondary school in 2005.

What are your dreams? To work as an independent person.

What CEEP course(s) did you take and why? I am taking the DCGP course at one centre to gain knowledge about using a computer, because all offices, colleges and other intstitutions need computer personnel.

What is your favorite computer tool? Internet based tools are my favorite computer tools.

Why do you think computer education is important? Computer education is very important in today’s world because everywhere one has to deal with computers – not only at offices, schools, and banks but also at home. Even hospitals, railways and airports are connected via computers.

What were your next steps after you successfully completed the CEEP computer course? I will try to get a good job, so as to become employed, and to help my children become familiar with the IT field.

What is your best memory about the CEEP course? I memorised the day that I first came to the centre and got in touch with the mouse, and the day where I first used pencil and colours and wrote my first line in a paper on the computer.


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