Success Stories – Entrepreneur : Partha Biswas

Name: Partha Biswas

Age: 34

CEEP kiosk location: North Lakhimpur, Assam

Year joined: 2016

Tell us about yourself (What did you do before CEEP? / tell us about your Educational background and aspirations in life?) I am BSCI, MCA from Assam and work as instructor for last 13 years in colleges, institutes, vocational institutes and schools.

What was your motivation to become a CEEP entrepreneur? Now, by myself I want to provide education in the IT field through my work, so that my students get good and perfect knowledge what I felt very hard work to gain.

How many students have you taught so far? Till now I have taught over 700 students. Currently 45 students are studying at my institute.

How do you, as a CEEP entrepreneur, contribute to their lives and the lives of your community? I try my very best to provide quality IT education to my students as well as my well wishing. Sometimes I organize free courses for students of the nearby school. I also provide technical help to housewives, trainers and NGOs.

What is most rewarding about being a CEEP entrepreneur and what are your biggest challenges? Most rewarding about being a CEEP entrepreneur is that the motives of CEEP – the organization I am a part of – are highly appreciable. This is what attracted me to become a CEEP entrepreneur. Biggest challenge is that I must always provide best IT education possible to all.

How has Drishtee helped you become a successful entrepreneur? CEEP helped me with online support, certificates, and whatever I need at regular times. The Commander of the North Lakhimpur Division Office also helps me well regularly. What is CEEP for you (tell us in 3 words)? Challengeable, helpful and appreciatable organization.

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