Success Stories – Entrepreneur : Sri Sankar Sharma


Age: 36 YEARS

CEEP kiosk location: SADIYA DIST- TINSUKIA, ASSAM 786157

Year of joining: 2012

Tell us about yourself (What did you do before CEEP? / tell us about your Educational background and aspirations in life?): Before CEEP I was running a computer education institute, I am a pg in computer application. My kiosk centre is located in a very remote area of Assam. I took up the responsibility of educating the youths of this remote locality with computer education and I stick to this with more zeal with every passing day.

What was your motivation to become a CEEP entrepreneur? As said earlier, a sense of responsibility for a remote and educationally background area in the field of computer education motivated me to take up this entrepreneurship.

How many students have you taught so far? Approx. 1000 students

How do you, as a CEEP entrepreneur, contribute to their lives and the lives of your community? To get educated itself is the most satisfying result of a student. Apart from this a good number of students got engaged in different organizations as a result of their computer education background that they got at my CEEP centre. Their success stories are inspiring many others; thus making a huge change in the mindset of the people.

What is most rewarding about being a CEEP entrepreneur and what are your biggest challenges? Satisfaction of setting someone’s life in the right track is the most rewarding fact of an educational entrepreneur. Communication problem of students and unexplainably poor power supply are two challenges I have been facing and not in my hands to solve.

How has Drishtee helped you become a successful entrepreneur? Drishtee helped me in running the centre and providing the widely accepted certificates for the students. Due to this centre I am also supporting my family financially.

What is CEEP for you (tell us in 3 words)? Success with satisfaction

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