Life and nature are similar concepts because nature is the study of how life acts and interacts within circle of existence. When we take the time to examine the beauty of the world around us, we are able to see parallels within our own live. One who is attuned with nature is attuned with practice of living. All of nature moves in a spiral as do our personal lives. It is important to spend time in nature because in this way we can become attuned to its wisdom. On the other hand, when we ignore the beauty of nature and spend our times in an urban jungle our stress levels go up and we begin to feel as if we are made out of the concrete that we see all around us.


It was on 3rd November, excitement to visit one of the places in my wish list to go and here I am on my toes to take flight. It was late night so could not feel the beauty of North East but deep inside I was full of energy to look this place on the scale of social, political and cultural background. Understanding Drishtee more closely and finding out much of my queries answers how we are involved in North East.

It was dark all around, peeping through the window of flight lights all around blinking like stars in the sky. Pilot finally announced here we reached Guwahati and fasten the seat belt time to land. I was actually in my thoughts of imagination. It’s finally Guwahati….

Then took cab to the hotel, had dinner and finally went to sleep waited for the early morning


I took my eyes out of my blanket, room was full of light and immediately checked my phone it was just 6 am and I got out of bed to look outside the window could not resist myself capturing the sky. Clear beautiful and fresh, i was not able to take my eyes off. This is what we call the beauty.

Moved towards the office and met the staff. Before having the presentation by Parag Sir, met some of the CSPs (customer service point) from Meghalaya. They were in their traditional clothes. We just interacted with them with the help of Drishtee Team as they were neither able to speak nor able to understand Hindi. But the smile which they were having on their faces expressed the contribution which Drishtee has made in their lives.


Then time for the presentation, we saw how Drishtee was working in North East. Much of clarity was done by the way presentation was given and as we will schedule our plan further for the visit then it will all in mind. This was how our first half was engaged. Post lunch we, Parag sir, Reshma, Dhruva and shruti moved to see the immersion side. The roads were beautiful and green fields all around and road side’s small shops with fresh vegetables. Reached the immersion site and went around the house to take a view of site. What else you want from a village site, green fields, open area, trees and finally good people around. It was the combination of all. Consist of six rooms with three washrooms and combined kitchen with one of the smallest room to be kept for office people.

While we went through the house there was interaction with the family and things needed to be done and what are to be changed. It was one of the good feelings to be there and having their local house made sweets, tea, fruits and eggs.

After having the view of the immersion site we moved towards the meeting of farmers related to planning and various other scientific and organic farming. I had a very good time there though was not able to transmit my knowledge but was putting my full to understand the issues and problem which they are facing in agriculture. Drishtee is helping a lot to bring a change in every sphere and it was very good to associate with this organisation


We had discussion on SRI (system of rice intensification), on the vegetable cultivation which can add to the incomes and generate much of the revenues, promoted to cultivate a patch of land together to get a feeling of being one and it will help as a whole to the village in particular and farmer in specific

Untraveled roads, early morning by the side of river Brahmaputra. It looked calm, beautiful and something that i will miss every morning. We had plans to go for a session in IIT guwahati.  As we entered the campus it was silent, you can’t say that you are in a place where student study.  Met my Friend there, who wanted Drishtee to come to IIT for a session on what actually Drishtee is involved as a development organisation. We had our breakfast in boy’s hotel and from there we went to the hall where whole of the session would take place. Waited for Parag Sir and Tilak Sir to join us and them we moved for the session.

We had our brief introduction by Shekhar and then session started with the presentation by Parag Sir on the work of Drishtee specifically in Assam. It was a good one and then Parag sir called Tilak Sir to continue with the session. It was a very productive one with Tilak sir; he made the session more of the interactive one with how the coming generation looks towards development and why they are studying development? From there everyone was charged up and a good session with productive ending.


The session ended with a good interaction. The second half we were having plan with the community to meet farmers and have interaction with them. So we moved to the place we visited yesterday to have some” gap shap” related to their life, experience and more to learn from them. So we (me shruti, resham and raj ) moved towards the field. We interacted with three to four farmers related to the whole year how they invest it.  The first farmer we met he was around eighty full of energy he took us to show his field and he was rewarded the best farmer by the chief minister with a certificate


We then visited one family in which they had handloom factory. People come to work there. It was very beautifully made. When i actually asked the price it coasted in thousands. Over there we had meeting with around three to four of the families on the various agriculture practices they are involved. It was nice of the experiences sharing my knowledge and understanding their problems

Next place we visited was a field area near ITC, as it was a biscuit base company so maximum of the insect were attracted and the land near was put to no use, with Drishtee efforts solar insecticides were installs to protect the crop.


Then we went to place were mobilisation was done of the villagers and they were given training on the dairy. What are they need to do to increase the milk and how can they use cow dung and cow urine in different uses. It was month training and who so ever would be able to complete and pass the exam would be given certificate. The certificates carry its own value; at the time of loan from the bag they can easy have it by showing the certificate. It was also good experience to attend the meeting

The next it was meeting with the village women related to vermicompost. Firstly there was interaction with the women and then vermicompost bed was given to them. After that some of the girls from the asked me to give introduction and then we interacted with them what are the works they are doing in group/ whether they are able to understand Hindi? How much they are qualified and future plans

Local wine, it was good acted as tranquilizer. Whole day travel ended with glass of wine. Though it tasted horrible. ”LOL”

Last day in Guwahati

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